Caissa Capital provides, in one entity, senior-level workout and financial restructuring services.

Our market is large, complex capital stack situations in international and domestic markets in both sovereign and corporate debt matters. Our principals have over 125 years of collective experience in advising and representing large multi-national firms in the restructuring world. Our experiences spans virtually all market segments from aviation energy, retail, real estate, transportation and infrastructure.

Caissa’s key value driver to our clients is the ability to provide high-level strategic advise on the acquisition, restructuring and/or divestiture of assets in the restructuring arena. We represent parties throughout the capital structure, including distressed entities, lenders, private equity and hedge funds, ad hoc committees, provisional and permanent liquidators and administrators and clients in distressed M&A activities. The co-founders of Caissa have more than 30 years of working together to provide a seamless legal and financial strategic representations for our clients. In particular, Craig Hansen and Grant Lyon have worked together for more than 25 years in a myriad of legal and financial restructurings and bring to our clients a true value-add approach to the restructuring—stated more simply, the relationships and diverse experiences of Caissa’s co-founders bring to our clients the proverbial 1 + 1 = 3 in terms of service and results.

Partnering with top restructuring investment banker Peter Kaufman and Gordian Group, Caissa has both the legal and financial experience to assist our clients. We partner with top international law firms, as the need arises, to ensure clients receive the maximum value of professional services in the most efficient manner.